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Best Features of 2014

  • Vota: Love Found Them

    In the last few years, human trafficking has been a buzz-word of sorts within the Christian music industry. Nearly every artist seems to have ties to an organization committed to fighting this human travesty…

  • Newbies: Meet MercyMe… Again

    From the very beginning, the members of MercyMe have worn their hearts on their sleeves. They have been transparently human, and in so doing, have impacted countless lives…

  • Unspoken: Unplanned, Unscripted, Inspired

    You might say Unspoken is the latest five-year overnight success story in the CCM world. Their first two singles shot straight to the top of the charts, leaving fans clamoring for more. Fortunately, for said fans, more is on the way.

  • Bethel Music: You Make Me Brave

    Mark D. Geil

    Bethel Music follows the success and impact of their first all-studio release, Tides, with a unique and no-less-powerful project, You Make Me Brave.

  • David Crowder: Believer

    David Crowder

    Few artists have shaped the Christian music industry as significantly as David Crowder. With his band, he blazed a trail for a new approach to worship…

  • Tedashii: Paradise Found

    The art of restoration is a delicate one; the creation of harmony amidst the dissonance of life, a precarious endeavor. Tedashii knows this heart-wrenching process as well as anyone and much more than most people want to, as is chronicled in his latest project, Below Paradise.

  • Moriah Peters: Brave Face

    In reality, bravery only arises in the presence of it. If there is nothing to be afraid of, then there’s no need for bravery. Fortunately, for those of us who value bravery within others and within ourselves, the human condition insures that fear is in no short supply. Moriah Peters is all too aware of this in her own life.

  • Lecrae: The Outsider

    The Outsider: Lecrae Embraces Life On The Fringe – Our Sep. 2014 cover artist has soared to heights in popularity, record sales, and recognitions that no other hip hop artist has enjoyed in Christian music history. Read about Lecrae’s relationship with Jesus that both shapes him and his music.

  • Max Lucado: How to Pray

    Amy Lee and Shaun Helton

    How to Pray When You Don’t Know What to Pray: A Conversation with Max Lucado – Our Nov. 2014 issue featured Max Lucado who sat down with us and admitted “I’ve struggled to maintain a disciplined prayer life.” See what else Max had to say and how his confessions can help you with your prayer life.

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