CCM New Artist Spotlight — Clemency

Jason Watkins and Paul Watkins have a clear ear for an infectious melody since it’s impossible to get a song like “Captive” out of your head once you’ve heard it. Take the straightforward sing-along qualities of The Lumineers, reduce the acoustic leanings, and you’ve got Clemency.

Apollo LTD: Going Where the Music Takes Them

Jordan Phillips and Adam Stark, the men behind Apollo LTD, never set out to make Christian music, per se. They’ve just always obeyed their creative instincts and interests.“Nothing really feels off limits to us when we create. We're open to exploring anything,” says Stark.

London Gatch Explores Her New Musical Identity

These days, Gatch has an acclaimed new solo album, New Stories, with BEC Recordings, a venture she never expected as she learned to adjust to life outside of vocational church ministry. Instead, she says, the new musical direction is simply the result of God ordaining her family’s steps as they leaned forward in faith.

A Look Into Andrew Peterson’s Busy Life

A new album. A new book. A new film. There’s even a new building project. Any of these endeavors would be the primary work ahead of most christian music artists, but Andrew Peterson is tackling all of these (with some helpful hands along the way) at the same time, a sign of serious creative momentum on the part of the singer-songwriter.

Lecrae: Spinning Many Creative Plates in 2019

by Matt Conner This spring, Lecrae is breaking his silence. The chart-topping artist has felt the creative spark again after giving himself a reprieve from industry demands. Time with family and friends has ...
Meredith Andrews, CCM Magazine - image

Meredith Andrews: Story Behind the Song ‘Have to Have’

Meredith Andrews has one of the spring’s most anticipated christian music releases with Faith and Wonder, her first ever live recording. We asked her to tell us the song she loves to sing more than any other..."Have to Have" was her answer. Here is the Story Behind the Song.