MARi – Where has Paul Colman been?

Paul Colman has had quite the Christian music career, but what has be been up to recently?   MARi stopped by his house this past week and ask him that question!  

MARi’s Mailbag – Why the Wigs?

You may have noticed that MARi is always wearing a wig in her CCM Magazine videos...  have you ever wondered why?   In this weeks MARi's Mailbag she answers that question for a fan in Chicago. 

Lincoln Brewster – God of the Impossible

Hard times will come, but we can choose our posture, and that’s exactly the idea Brewster explores in his tenth album God of the Impossible. Drawing inspiration from the massive devastation of the recent California wildfires, the deep pain faced by friends in his church, and his love for his wife and children, Brewster hopes to give the church the songs they need to find encouragement.

MARi sits down with Derek Minor

MARi recently sat down with Derek Minor in Nashville, TN to talk about balancing his dad duties, the challenges of being a hip-hop artist in a CCM world and more!