Live generously, love wastefully

Thankfully, most Americans don’t live in a daily reality where we have to think about our spouse in the context of life or death—at least, not yet. But Christ came to earth, and each day He lived, knowing that the cross was on the horizon. This act of love cost Him something (everything), allowing each of us to receive a most awesome gift...
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Renewal vs. Resolutions

It might seem more fitting that a short op-ed piece about renewal would be written around the time of new years. I’ve never been a huge fan of new years’ resolutions, mostly due to the fact that I’ve been terrible at keeping them—and usually not much longer than a week! So, am I finally getting around to writing my new years blurb, now that it’s February 15? Funny, but that’s not the case, here...

Moriah Peters: Brave Face

In reality, bravery only arises in the presence of it. If there is nothing to be afraid of, then there’s no need for bravery. Fortunately, for those of us who value bravery within others and within ourselves, the human condition insures that fear is in no short supply. Moriah Peters is all too aware of this in her own life.