Rivers & Robots ‘Discovery’ Album Review

The illusory pop/rock of Rivers & Robots is an intriguing and exciting left turn within the larger worship music genre. As one of the initial artists on Running Club Records, the Manchester-based trio sits comfortably between Mute Math’s slower work and Owl City’s more substantive songs, creating ethereal soundscapes that rethink the typical worship music construct.... Read more

The Church Vessel ‘The Outcome’ Album Review

The Church Vessel is exactly what its name implies—a body of musicians and worship leaders that was raised up in a local church. Coming from The Church International in Baton Rouge, LA, The Church Vessel’s new live album, The Outcome, is a stellar collection of original worship songs.... Read more

Inspiration Worship ‘Powerful’ Album Review

Inspiration Worship’s first full-length album, Powerful, features a twelve song line-up ranging from synth pop numbers to melodic ballads. The moving story behind the project comes out of lead vocalist Linda Doane’s battle with cancer, and a subsequent spiritual journey that moved her faith from “religion to relationship.”... Read more

Zach Williams ‘Survivor: Live from Harding Prison’ Album Review

The correctional setting for Zach Williams new live release, Survivor: Live from Harding Prison, is an inspired yet understandable backdrop. The singer-songwriter has captivated millions with a straightforward series of gospel-centric singles aimed at bringing freedom and hope to those downtrodden or lost in sin’s struggles.... Read more

Austin French ‘Wide Open’ Album Review

Austin French’s vocal ability is the first thing that arrests your attention on his debut ful-length album, Wide Open. You’d surmise as much given that he’s appeared on televised singing competitions like Rising Star and The Voice, but it’s hard to prepare yourself for something so powerful and clean.... Read more

Mosaic MSC ‘Heaven’ Album Review

Helmed by worship pastor Mariah McManus and the eclectic production of Chad Copelin (Kelly Clarkson, Sufjan Stevens), Mosaic MSC seeks to draw listeners into an exploration of the celestial—not only as a destination but as a place here and now—on their latest release, Heaven.... Read more