Travis Greene | ‘Good and Loved’ (acoustic)

Travis Greene's new album, 'Broken Record,' will be available in just a couple weeks!  The award-winning singer and pastor stopped by the CCM Magazine Cafe to give us a preview of what to expect!  Get the story behind his song 'Good and Loved' + an exclusive acoustic performance of the track.

Pat Barrett | ‘Better’ (acoustic)

Pat Barrett wanted to write a worship song about money, appearance, power & approval and what happens when we hold those things in the wrong place. Check out the full story behind his song 'Better' + watch an exclusive CCM Magazine Cafe performance of the tune.

Jason Gray | ‘Bring it All’ (acoustic)

During Jason Gray's recent visit to the CCM Magazine Cafe he gave us this special performance of an unreleased song! Get the story behind 'Bring it All' + an acoustic performance a year before you can pick it up on an album!

Out of the Dust | ‘Take This’ (live)

Chris and Stephanie of Out of the Dust were high school sweethearts that went on to get married --- then things changed. Chris found himself no longer believing in God and asked Stephanie for a divorce. Later in life God redeemed their marriage. This song is the powerful story of that redemption and hope.

A Conversation with Lacey Sturm (Flyleaf)

Flyleaf vocalist Lacey Sturm went from being an atheist who hated Christians to spreading the gospel around the world. The Christian rocker sat down with us in Nashville last night to talk about helping out Skillet earlier this year, her devotional series, the possibility of a movie based on her life and more!