Da’ T.R.U.T.H. ‘Vet’ Album Review

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. is an elder musical statesman of sorts these days, a status that’s reflected in the title of his new EP, Vet, that also kicks off an upcoming series. Short for “veteran,” Vet finds the lifer redefining his artistic priorities, taking the emphasis away from sales, streams and awards and turning it towards taking creative risks, and ultimately, straight up ministry.... Read more

Connor Flanagan ‘Skyscrapers’ Album Review

Connor Flanagan is a young indie hip-hop artist climbing his way to notoriety, and the aptly-titled Skyscrapers, his third release, should help him reach new heights. Flanagan’s biographical sketches play out like a hip-hop spiritual journal on Skyscrapers, an eight-song EP with numerous guests and further production help from Ric Robbins (Grits, Out of Eden).... Read more

David Dunn ‘Star’ Album Review

All too often, Christmas music comes across as homogenous and rote, with different artists singing the same songs over the same arrangements. All of which leaves listeners wanting more. That’s why it’s great to have artists like David Dunn sweep in with Star, his latest EP and deliver us a perfectly wrapped, five-track package that reclaims the artistry of Christmas.... Read more

Lauren Bae ‘Wildflower’ Album Review

On her debut album Wildflower, Lauren Bae unveils an impressive vocal range is on full display on radio-friendly pop tracks that may not stand out from—but certainly stands alongside—other contemporary female artists. Wildflower’s front half features some interesting, electronically delivered global rhythms and instrumentation that immediately invite the listener to move along to the unconventional beats.... Read more

Josh White & Josh Garrels ‘Resurrect Our Love’ Album Review

Both Josh Garrels and Josh White decided to alter the “cover” process a bit for their new collaborative EP, Resurrect Our Love. The initial idea was a simple one: to trade covers of each other’s songs. Garrels chose White’s “Enclosed by You” and White covered Garrels’ “Don’t Wait For Me.” Another trade happened when the pair realized they’d been covering the other’s songs while leading worship at Portland’s Door of Hope church. With a bit of momentum, a collaborative project emerged.... Read more