Elevation Worship ‘Graves into Gardens’
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(Essential Worship)

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Elevation Worship ‘Graves into Gardens’

Elevation Worship
Graves into Gardens
(Essential Worship)

There are some truly standout tracks on Elevation Worship’s latest collection, Graves into Gardens. A few of these feature special guest performers, while others certainly don’t require any extra star power. In fact, by clocking in at well over an hour long, this album could have used a little editing. If this were the setlist for a Sunday church service, there wouldn’t even be enough time for the preacher to preach. Then again, this song selection would make for one healthy concert serving. A couple of these songs rock. Not ‘rock’ as used in the popular vernacular, where nearly everything stellar ‘rocks,’ but in the literal heavy guitar, bass and drums of honest to goodness rock & roll. These loud moments are found on both “GOD SAID LIVE!” and “RATTLE!,” which are two crunchy songs that cover the same basic resurrection lyrical territory.

Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes duet on the quieter “The Blessing,” a beautifully encouraging benediction. “What Would You Do” features Isaiah Templeton taking Elevation Worship to church (and by church, we mean the black church). It’s wonderfully thoughtful meditation on what we would say—if we could even speak—and do, if Jesus literally walked into our church during a service. You have to love the way “Have My Heart” is listed on the credits as a “vamp” because it sounds entirely spontaneous—like, well, a vamp. The album’s title track speaks to God’s transformative power. “You turn seas into highways/You’re the only one who can.” The listener is left in awe of the God that makes a mighty rattle, but then displays His greatest power by changing lives for the better.

—Dan MacIntosh

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