We Are Messengers ‘Power’
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We Are Messengers ‘Power’

We Are Messengers

Power is the new and explosive full-length album from We Are Messengers. The gritty and truth filled lyrics strike directly to the core of the listener with this 12-song presentation. The sophomore offering is a mixture of pop and rock, giving something new at every turn to catch the ear.

This is a fully fleshed out album with every song placing a stamp on the heart, with lyrics like “Living ain’t easy, but make no mistake / The sun’s going down, but I’m wide awake/ And I’ve got this feeling deep down in my bones/ That we’ll be together at the end of the road” from the song “Home.”

“Never Change Your Mind” reminds us that God is the giver of mercy and grace and that nothing we do will change His love for us. “You don’t give and then take it back /You give love with no strings attached.”

Darren Mulligan hits it out of the park with his follow up to the self-titled We Are Messengers by reflecting what so many of us feel daily in our hearts.

—Jaime Vaughn

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