Planetshakers ‘Glory, Part One’
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"Can't Take My Eyes Off You"
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Planetshakers ‘Glory, Part One’

Glory, Part One

Planetshakers’ latest offering is a new five song EP, Glory, Part One. This live recording gives the listener a palpable experience of pursuing God’s presence. The 30-minutes of music is lead by Planetshakers’ Joth Hunt (who also produced and mixed the EP), Sam Evans, Aimee Evans, BJ Pridham, Joshua Brown, Rudy Nikkerud, Chelsi Nikkerud and more.

“How I Praise,” starts the collection as a super fun and upbeat song that brings the listener into the excitement of God and it is hard not to smile while listening. The song that stirred this writer the most is “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.” The entire song is full of hidden jewels that one can take with them throughout the day. “From glory to glory, from healing to healing, from freedom to freedom, as I see you, I am changed. From Breakthrough to breakthrough, there is nothing you can’t do. Oh Jesus, I love you as I see you and I am changed.”

Glory, Part One stands right beside Planetshakers’ other worship albums. It excites me to hear Glory, Part Two, coming later this year.

—Jaime Vaugh

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