Sidewalk Prophets ‘The Things That Got Us Here’
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(Word Entertainment)

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Sidewalk Prophets ‘The Things That Got Us Here’

Sidewalk Prophets
The Things That Got Us Here
(Word Entertainment)

The Christian life is oftentimes more a journey than a destination, and With The Things That Got Us Here finds Sidewalk Prophets attempting to describe its spiritual trek. Although there is not a specific track sharing the album’s title, that title phrase appears in the lyrics to “Real to Me.” With this song, lead singer Dave Frey details his own testimony, which encompasses everything from the impact of friends, to songs on the radio that brought him to where his relationship with God is at today. Sidewalk Prophets excel at anthemic, uplifting songs of faith, exemplified by the happy-face-encouraging single “Smile.”

The album’s best song, however, is one of its ballads. “The Comment Section” is mainly comprised of acoustic piano and Frey’s vocal. Its lyric helpfully discusses the dangers of online commentary. We often write things in posts, and many times hurtful things on internet comment sections that we would never dare say out loud to another person. These wise words offer a timely reminder that the Christian life is about so much more than just what happens within church walls. Where Christians live and move and have their being also includes our internet behavior. Such sobering words are an exception to Sidewalk Prophets’ otherwise encouraging collection of songs. Those that may need a little encouragement today, this album will certainly get you there.

—Dan MacIntosh


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