Red ‘Declaration’
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(Red Entertainment/The Fuel Music)

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“All For You”
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Red ‘Declaration’

(Red Entertainment/The Fuel Music)

RED’s seventh studio album, Declaration, is the initial project for its band-started label, RED Entertainment, and also its first independent release. RED’s music distribution method may have changed, but its music remains the same. These ten tracks are filled with urgent, oftentimes angry guitar rock anthems. If RED music was a movie genre, it would be a superhero action flick. Its songs are big, bold anthems, packed with a series of serious lyrical declarations. Singer Michel Barnes’ vocals are part sung/part screamed throughout. Lyrically, Declaration’s verses and choruses don’t include any obvious ‘Christian-ese.’ You won’t hear any directly named references to God, Satan, sin or salvation. Instead, the “you” in the song “All For You,” for example, can be surmised to be ‘the evil one,’ based upon the way his bad behaviors are described. It all adds up to one fitting Declaration of independence. —Dan MacIntosh

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