CCM Magazine: May 1, 2017 table of contents

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    Shining Moments

    Too often—and I feel, much too often as a community of believers—we resort to believing, “I’ll finally enjoy my life when I meet the ‘right one,’” or, “I’ll be more family-driven after I have kids,” etc.


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    Out & About – May 1, 2017

    Exclusive pics featuring your favorite artists—their friends, families, & feats! In this issue: Building 429, Steven Curtis Chapman, Ellie Holcomb, Gary Sinise + more!


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    Kim Walker-Smith – In The Moment

    Whether she’s learning the ropes of studio recording, or tending to the joys and rigors as a new mother, the core of this Jesus Culture leader can still be found in what God is doing within every instance.

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    Selah – Milestones & Moments

    The vocal troupe has come full circle in their now twenty-year career—opening doors when doors were once opened for them, and recalling it all when they first knew Jesus.

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    Matty Mullins – No Real Surprise

    Jen Rose Yokel

    What comes natural for the front man of a world-class metal band? Creating Christian pop music, and Matty Mullins is ready to tell you that it’s no real surprise.



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