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Fuse – ‘Wildfire’ album review
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Fuse – ‘Wildfire’ album review

Fuse, CCM Magazine - imageRemember feel-good, sing-songy, 12-string guitar-strummy campfire medleys? Well, worship music in the eighties sounded nothing like this, so it’s almost funny that we’re hearing so many throwback sounds in today’s praise scapes, then again, we weren’t lugging around Korg’s and intelligently controlled par-cans strung together by hundreds of feet of extension cord to go have an experience with God by the bonfire back in the day. Times have certainly changed, but that also doesn’t mean anyone with an electric piano and a sequencer these days can actually pull it off. However, the folks that comprise South Carolina’s NewSpring Church student music ministry—known as Fuse—showcase a rich talent to blend the timeless worship of Jesus with the sounds of tomorrow on the six-song EP Wildfire. The collection is jam-packed with hand-clappy and jump-catchy tunes that are, well, a lot like a host of our favorite eighties albums of old, but this is newer, smarter, and of course, switched-on for a much higher purpose.

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