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One of Christian music’s most beloved groups, for 20 years Selah’s songs have brought hope and healing. Helping introduce hymns and timeless inspirational favorites to a new generation, their signature anthems include “You Raise Me Up,” “Press On,” “Wonderful, Merciful Savior” and the multi-week #1 hit, “You Amaze Us.”

Comprised of Todd Smith, Allan Hall and Amy Perry, Selah has garnered eight Gospel Music Association Dove Awards—including five “Inspirational Album Of The Year” trophies—a Gold-certified album, eight #1 singles and total career sales in excess of 4 million units. Their latest critically acclaimed album, Unbreakable (buy), released earlier this spring.

CCM: Todd, tell us about the lead single, “I Got Saved.” What grabbed you about the song the first time you heard it, and how do you hope it will inspire others to boldly share their own testimonies?
Todd Smith:
I haven’t responded like this to a song since the first time I heard the demo for “You Raise Me Up.” It took me back to when I was 5-years-old and accepted Jesus, reminding me of how real that moment was and how real Jesus is.

We want others to share their #igotsaved stories by uploading 1-3 minute video testimonies on YouTube or Facebook and adding the #igotsaved hashtag and their name. By sharing our testimonies, I hope it brings others to Jesus while encouraging us to share our faith. “And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.” Rev. 12:11 ESV.

CCM: In our age of social media, we can easily buy into illusions of perfection depicted on sites like Pinterest and Instagram. “Broken Ladders” is a song that addresses this issue. Why does it speak to you so personally?
Amy Perry:
I think it’s such an issue for not just moms today, but for everyone. Social media has created this false “perfect” that no one can really achieve, so we all spend tons of energy striving to be something we’re not. I’m constantly struggling with feeling like a failure as a mom and a wife and at my weight loss, wondering why I can’t be as good as “so and so” at things. But this song is such a simple reminder that I don’t have to be anything, because God doesn’t ask me for anything except my heart. When I give that over to Him completely, the other things fall into place, and I am reminded constantly by this song that I am simply enough for Him.


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