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DJ Kirk – ‘DJ Kirk’ album review
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DREAM Records / DROM

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Britt Nicole, Group 1 Crew, 1 Girl Nation

We Like:

“Unfailing Love (feat. Abigail Duhon)”

DJ Kirk – ‘DJ Kirk’ album review

DJ Kirk, CCM Magazine - image

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Looking for positive fun? Look no further than this self-titled EP from DJ Kirk. Complete with an all-female vocal cast of some of your favorites, headlined by Carmen Justice (formerly of 1 Girl Nation) and Abigail Duhon also featuring Jacquelyn Walters, Avari, and Kayli, this dance-worthy mix-tape’esque collection will lift your spirits day or night. Staying in step with other DREAM Records offerings of late, this super-pop pleasure doesn’t lack in production for its overtly Christian messaging, and for that, we give DJ Kirk and his crew a serious and appreciative nod. Download this today, roll the top down, and bump these tracks with confidence and good vibes along your daily journey—you’ll be glad you did!


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Kevin Sparkman
Managing Editor

After both on-stage and front-office experience in the Christian recording industry, (including co-founding Exit 3 Entertainment, Inc. and General Manager of hip-hop label Beatmart Recordings), Sparkman returned to Salem in 2014 from a Dir. of Communications position in the United Methodist Church. He became the Managing Editor of CCM Magazine in January 2015.

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