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Jonathan Evans – ‘J-Walk’ album review
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Jonathan Evans – ‘J-Walk’ album review

Jonathan Evans, CCM Magazine - image

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If grading the content of Jonathan Evans’ album J-Walk (buy) alone, it would be a no-brainer 5/5. J-Walk’s thematic purpose? Focusing on Christ to edify the maturation and daily walk of young men and fathers—a subject that needs an ongoing spotlight, and who better to spoken-word-and-rap it up than a man like Evans? As the son of pastor Dr. Tony Evans and a career as an NFL fullback in his own right, Evans traded in his cleats several years ago to enter into full-service for the Lord as team chaplain for the Dallas Cowboys and NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. No doubt an expert on the subjects featured in this album, it must be noted that Evans is still a bit green behind the mic of a recording studio, specifically. However, we can bank that his on-stage presence would be larger than life, where his spoken-word spittin’—a bulk of the performances on the album—would translate into a much more favorable experience. Perhaps a J-Walk Live version will enter the conversation next?


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