Christon Gray ‘Clear the Heir’ Review

Christon Gray is on the rise. The rapper/R&B hitmaker hit the scene in a big way with “Stop Me,” and now his new album, Clear the Heir, is set to make huge waves. Gray made his name with bumping, danceable anthems that are primed for crossover success, and the video for the first single, “Time Out,” features pro athletes like Mike Conley and Ty Montgomery.... Read more

Carvin Winans ‘In The Softest Way’ Review

The Winans are gospel royalty and any fruit from the family tree is worth your time and attention. However, Carvin Winans’ new album, In The Softest Way, is an especially en-joyable adult R&B release filled with silky smooth grooves a la Maxwell or Eric Benét.... Read more

Passion ‘Follow You Anywhere’ Review

Recorded live at Passion City Church in Atlanta, Passion’s latest effort, Follow You Anywhere, finds the worship collective at its finest, delivering songs that encourage the global church and exemplify the credo of seeking God’s renown and glory.... Read more

SWITCH ‘Symphony’ Review

Gone are the days of kids belting out Garage Band tunes with crunchy guitars. Today’s youth group bands favor slick beats and emotional singing that would feel right at home on Top 40 radio, and SWITCH, the house band for Life.Church, is ready to step into the spotlight.... Read more

Altar Boys ‘No Substitute’ Review

The Altar Boys' No Substitute is the kind of album that we’ll be talking about for years to come. Whether you were around for the original Altar Boys, or this is your first exposure, No Substitute shines all the same.... Read more

The Ruins ‘The Ruins’ Review

The Ruins have fused R&B, pop, and hip-hop to create something fresh and memorable. At only six songs, the EP feels a bit light, but the potential for The Ruins is enormous. Here’s hoping that we get more soon from this up and coming duo.... Read more