CCM Magazine: March 15, 2016 table of contents

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    Live generously, love wastefully

    Thankfully, most Americans don’t live in a daily reality where we have to think about our spouse in the context of life or death—at least, not yet. But Christ came to earth, and each day He lived, knowing that the cross was on the horizon. This act of love cost Him something (everything), allowing each of us to receive a most awesome gift…



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    Twenty Years of WOW

    With such an impression on retail and culture, it’s hard to believe we’ve only been WOWED for just the past twenty years. Since 1996, the WOW franchise has been the definitive model for compiling the best in Christian music—now that’s what we call, impact.

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    Hollyn – Getting to know Hollyn

    Jen Rose Yokel

    Though Hollyn is a new face in the CCM world, she’s already developed an impressive range of musical experience. A quick resume: singing in church from childhood, winning her first music competition at nine years old, and almost making the American Idol cut at 15. And her story is just getting started…



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