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West Of Here – ‘The Journey’ album review
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“Right Here With Me”

West Of Here – ‘The Journey’ album review

West Of Here, CCM Magazine - imageNorth of where we’re based—way north, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to be exact—we meet the Brothers Adams from the band West Of Here. The rock trio, flashing shades of Nickelback and Linkin Park, spent much of the last two years recording the album The Journey, of which, we’re not sure was the actual intended title? Regardless, the long, hard work paid off, as they recently earned their first GMA Covenant Award (Canada’s equivalent to U.S. Dove Awards) for the song “Run.” Bastille and Imagine Dragons fans will appreciate this project’s striking lead vocals and haunting harmonies. Although some of the production elements and a few rough edges on performance techniques could use a little polishing (however, nothing too distracting from confidently cranking up the volume), West Of Here is certainly headed in the right direction.

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