Steven Curtis Chapman has truly built an amazing legacy. Since his debut in 1987, he’s become the most decorated Christian music artist ever with more hits than we could even begin to name. As he adds his first worship album to his repertoire this month, we thought it would be fun to take a trip through the archives and revisit some of our favorite deep cuts.

“My Redeemer is Faithful and True”
This quiet, beautiful song from Chapman’s debut got a refresh for his recent hymn album Deep Roots, but we think the original version still holds up. Worth revisiting or discovering for the first time.

“Miracle of Mercy”
Much like “My Redeemer,” this brief but powerful closing track from Heaven in the Real World stands out on its own.

“See the Glory”
If you’ve wondered anytime recently “hey, what was that Steven Curtis Chapman song about playing a Game Boy?” here it is. And yep, there’s literally a Game Boy noise solo and it’s awesome.

“I Do Believe”
Even acoustic singer-songwriter guys can have a great electric guitar riff, right? “I Do Believe” uses just that to shake up the second half of his 1999 album Speechless.

“Children of God”
This might be the closest you’ll get to hearing SCC go pop-punk. A fun anthem from This Moment, featuring Caleb Chapman in his pre-Colony House days.

“Got 2 B Tru”
Once upon a time in the ‘90s, every CCM artist needed at least one song with a TobyMac guest rap to be legit. SCC just took it a step further and opted to spit some rhymes himself (with hilarious results). Behold, the Fresh Price of Paducah, Kentucky…

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