Kimber Rising: Faith That Sustains

(JUNE 2011) Puzzle of the day: What do you get when you combine three women, each with a different personality, musical background, and career goal? Common sense might call it a recipe for disaster but for sisters Amanda and Brianna Wilcox, along with Danielle Cruz, that's the perfect combination..

Lift Your Eyes

(JUNE 2011) Drew Cline discusses the common issues that can disrupt a musician's groove-- and how to stay on track. Sometimes, all it takes is the right perspective.

Go Beyond the Music. Advertise YOU.

(JUNE 2011) Without a doubt, the music industry is changing. Record labels are operating on smaller budgets, singles dominate revenue streams (what's left of them), and radio listenership is just not what it used to be anymore. So…how in the world are you supposed to break an act today?

The Value of the Right Perspective

(JUNE 2011) Our perspective can change quickly, for the good or the bad. Life happens at a frantic pace and sometimes its all we can do to hang on and yet keep our eyes on Jesus.

Experiencing Life, Creating Music.

(JUNE 2011) You walk into a venue and see an attractive, twenty-something guy holding a guitar standing in front of a mic. You wonder how this show is going to be any different than any other you've sat through. Then…it starts. Kyle Cruz's soulful smooth voice and the percussive strums...

Letters From Lindsey: Marcum & Cunningham Defy Odds

(JUNE 2011) You are NEVER too old to follow God's lead. Read on to see how these two did it…Jodi and Mary-Kathryn started their careers at the ages of 43 and 35 respectively. Jodi grew up playing piano and married a career musician for the US Naval band, but Mary-Kathryn didn't begin singing...

Brett Manning Studios: Finding Your Head Voice

(JUNE 2011) Meet one of the newest members of the Brett Manning team: Jason Catron. With a voice as smooth as silk, but powerful as any professionally trained opera singer; listening to Jason is like...