Distribution 101, Pt. 1

In business, there's usually more than one model by which to conduct business in any given field. When it comes to physical music distribution, there are basically two distinctly different types of distribution models - "traditional" and "one-stop." Both traditional and one-stop distributors...

Q&A with Songwriter, Laura Kaczor

Laura Kaczor (pronounced, kuh ZOR), a Nashville recording artist, songwriter, worship leader and speaker, released her new album Love Enough to stores nationwide in Fall of 2010 through Universal Music Christian Group/Fontana distribution on LifeThirst Records/IE. Lindsey Kirkendall of CCM Indie...

I Have Not Seen The Wind

Five years ago, Arthur Alligood took his first few steps into the music industry. Then he sidelined such plans to look after the first few steps of his child.For the first time since 2006, the Nashville area songwriter is back with a new recording entitled I Have Not Seen The Wind.

Become a Brett Manning Associate Coach

(AUGUST 2011) Ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of the internationally renowned team of Brett Manning vocal coaches? You can train to be a member of their team through their unique coaches training program.

Letters From Lindsey: How NOT to Scare Off Potential Fans

Your image and brand should be a priority in everything that you do, understanding that potential fans will judge you on the basis of how you look, how your website looks, your CD artwork, etc. before they even hear a note of your music. A poorly constructed website or poor quality photos could...