Lessons in Life: God is Able

(JULY 2011) Reuben Morgan, Hillsong worship pastor and songwriter, explores the meaning and message behind the songs on the church's latest live album...

I Think I Can…

(JULY 2011) I kind of hate exercise. I want to love it I really do...

Enter the IMMERSE CCM giveaway today!

(JULY 2011) The winner of CCM's IMMERSE giveaway will receive two passes to this incredible music conference - jam-packed with the best artists, songwriters and teachers in Christian music. PLUS, front row seats to see Jeremy Camp, forever JONES, Britt Nicole, Echoing Angels, Christ August and more!

Take It to the Next Level

Not only are Brett Manning and his team of coaches recognized as some of the world's best vocal instructors to the top artists in mainstream music today, but they have also been key in the success of many praise and worship teams and choirs across the country.

The Importance of PR

(JULY 2011) Public Relations (PR) is a vital element in marketing your music. Effective PR communicates the message of your music and ministry, builds a positive public image of you and your overall brand, generates visibility for you in the marketplace and continually cultivates media...

Letters From Lindsey: Simply “Trust”

We've all been there as artists and musicians: in that place where we feel 'ready' and 'prepared' to move forward with our careers; make it big, or at least make a living, and yet God is still saying: "Wait". How do we reconcile our frustration and impatience?"

CCM Indie Artist Spotlight: All Sons and Daughters

Worship leaders David Leonard and Leslie Jordan, together forming All Sons and Daughters, decided it was time to create their own songs that reflect the hearts, minds, and feelings of their own local church congregation. While their intent might have been otherwise, their smooth yet spiritual...

Should You Hire an Artist Manager?

Are you an independent artist thinking about hiring a manager? This may be one of the most important decisions in the life of your artistic career, so don't esteem it too lightly. A good manager can make your career, just as a bad manager can seriously break it.

Inspired Songwriting

For Krissy Nordhoff, writing for someone else wasn't necessarily in the game plan. "When I originally wrote Your Great Name, it was for a worship compilation CD my church was recording and another member of our worship team ended up being the vocalist. "