David Leonard Learns to Sing in the Tension

David Leonard didn’t necessarily mean to take these next musical steps. In the immediate wake of All Sons & Daughters final album, Poets & Saints, Leonard dove into his creative collective The Creak Music, a new production team and indie label with friends Seth Talley and Brad King.

Meredith Andrews: Finding Her Identity in God’s Calling

On the verge of the release of her latest album Faith & Wonder (Word), Andrews is calm and collected, a state of mind and spirit she attributes not so much to experience as she does her spiritual identity. She’s learned some things over the years about where to find her calling, her value, her well-being, and it serves her well as she prepares for another album cycle.

7eventh Time Down Experiences a ‘Brand New Day’

For 7eventh Time Down, it truly is a Brand New Day. For 7eventh Time Down, the band's new album is aptly titled because everything from the band’s line-up to the musical style to their very mission has been turned upside-down.

Stars Go Dim: Story Behind the Song ‘You Know Me Better’

Better is such an interesting word when you think about it—how specific it can be, or how broad. "I hope to have a better year." "I'm going to a better father." We are all striving for better in one way or another—better days, better finances, better health, better relationships, etc.

Carvin Winans ‘In The Softest Way’ Review

The Winans are gospel royalty and any fruit from the family tree is worth your time and attention. However, Carvin Winans’ new album, In The Softest Way, is an especially en-joyable adult R&B release filled with silky smooth grooves a la Maxwell or Eric Benét.... Read more