Mack Brock ‘Covered’ Review
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“After Me”
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Mack Brock ‘Covered’ Review

Mack Brock

It’s the musical flourishes that move so sweetly alongside Mack Brock’s heartfelt vocal delivery and experiential lyrics that make Covered such a stunning yet short listen. The former Elevation Worship leader’s newest release is an atmospheric, affecting turn, one with a sensitivity for exact emotional touches that make each song sink deeper than most. “After All” follows a straightforward analogy of God’s grace rushing like a river after the listener, yet the musical choices somehow allow the images conjured to linger longer than you might expect.

The instrumental build on “Still on Control,” the driving electricity of “King of Heaven,” and the powerful refrain of the title track all serve as further examples that Brock’s solo step away from the umbrella offered by Elevation was a smart move. He stands tall on his own and offers the listener a shorter set that’s as thoughtful about the lyrical message as it is the sonic treatment.

–Matt Conner

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