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It’s been a while sine we’ve heard from Rapture Ruckus—the New Zealand band (who now makes their home in the good ole U.S.A.) that’s been more rap than rock, then not, and now mostly rolls with whatever. Which is actually a good place to be, and we presume front man Brad Dring would agree with us, as the now father of two young boys seemed extremely excited and comfortably content about his current musical endeavors.

When we last checked in, CCM Magazine premiered the lyric video for their 2016 single “Tidal Wave” (buy single), which featured collaborations with electronic artist-producer Matthew Parker. It was evident then that there had been a slight shift in Dring’s sonic pursuits, coupled with reports from the summer tour circuit about his late night dance party DJ exploits—we couldn’t wait to hear what was coming next.

Plot twist.

After a string of new singles in late 2017 and one just released this week, “Keep Running” (buy single), we had learned that Ruckus was actually in the works on finalizing a companion soundtrack for fiction novelist William Hawk, specifically for his recent science fiction work titled Ignition (buy). We invited Hawk to join in on our conversation with Dring, as we wanted to get the facts about him, his writings, and more on the latest with Dring and Rapture Ruckus. Enjoy!

CCM Magazine: What brought this relationship together, and how did it develop into a soundtrack/book companion project
Brad Dring of Rapture Ruckus: I first heard about William [Hawk] through our manager (fellow Kiwi, Jono Scarlet) who called me to say there was an author from Detroit who wanted to come down to Nashville, take me out to lunch and share his book with me. Being a musician I was like, “You had me at free lunch!” [Laughs] After a delicious lunch and an intense conversation about parallel universes, parallaxes, time travel and how songs from our Invader Vol. 2 EP (buy) had inspired him in the writing process, I agreed to read a draft of the book. After reading the story I decided to fly up to Detroit to talk more with William. It was during this visit that we got to know each other better and we decided I needed to write a concept/soundtrack to accompany the book.

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