So, TobyMac got a hold of it somehow and said, “Hey, I need to be on this song.” Then I heard Kirk Franklin speak about this when he was at the Dove Awards, so then I was like, “Okay, Toby, we need to get Kirk on this, too.” It pretty much culminated into this song that is at the very core of what Toby, Kirk and I feel so strongly about, and that is unity in the body of Christ. We need to be the ones who are sending the message. We need to be the ones that let our love point people to Jesus. It’s a song I feel very strongly about, and our prayer is that God would use it to help us be a united body of Christ.

CCM: Most of your new album seems to be about your story to overcome. How do you see “Bleed The Same” within the grand storyline of Out Of The Dark?
If there’s anything I can say about a dark blot on our country, it’s where we are racially divided. There’s so much darkness. I feel like it fits within the theme of coming out of that darkness and shining our light. That’s the way the Bible says people will know we are followers of Jesus—it’s by the shining light of our love.

I love Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s quote, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness—only light can do that” (paraphrased). How are we shining our light in such a way that it will drive out the darknesses in our society?

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