Klutinoty gave up a lot of control with this project, even turning over creative decisions to Eskelin during the production process. With the first album, Klutinoty wanted to hear several different mixes of a song. This time he trusted Ian’s expertise. The band also switched labels, signing with Eskelin’s recording label, Radiate Music.

The brothers are so excited about the new project that they want as many people as possible to hear it. When the band began its Trust You All The Way Tour in mid-October, every concert is scheduled for free admission. Only a freewill offering will be taken at events.

“We’re going out and playing for free, trusting God to provide,” Klutinoty says. “We believe He wants to sustain us throughout this tour, and we want to give all the glory to Him.”

For most bands taking that leap of faith would be scary…but Adam Klutinoty’s faith goes to “11.”

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