As soon as the brothers finished high school, they went on a tour along the west coast. Eventually, they connected with GRAMMY-nominated producer Ian Eskelin. Eskelin brought the band to Word Records for its debut album in 2014. It appeared that Klutinoty’s faith had paid off. All through his childhood and high school years, he’d dreamed of a big-time record deal.

“What separates the Christian from the world is one five-letter word: Faith,” Klutinoty says. “I’m talking about God-pleasing faith that believes before seeing and allows us to confidently stand within the hardest battles.” But when those battles hit, Adam’s 90-percent faith failed.

From the Darkness
After signing the record deal, Klutinoty developed ulcerative colitis, a disease that causes stomach pain, bleeding and weight loss. At one point, he’d throw up anything he ate and became a stick figure of his normal healthy self.

Countless times during the recording process and on tour for the first album, he got on his knees and prayed for God to heal him. As the symptoms persisted, his faith waned. And since God wouldn’t come through for him, Klutinoty felt he had to work harder.

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He wrote 150 songs to come up with the twelve that made the first album. He went to the president of Word Records and said, “We need the biggest budget and whatever producer I want.” Klutinoty did everything in his power to make the project perfect. “I was trying to work, work, work for the kingdom,” Klutinoty says. “But a lot of it was to justify the mess that was going on in my heart.”


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