Into the Light
Things got so bad that Adam Klutinoty would scream at his brothers if they walked past his bedroom late at night. He even tossed a Bible across the room when his girlfriend tried to get him to read it.

He grew up reading God’s Word. He knows it backwards and forwards. Nearly all of his songs are based on a Bible verse. So deep inside he knew that neither height nor depth, nor anything in creation could separate him for the love of God (Romans 8:39). Then one night he experienced it first-hand.

Klutinoty told his girlfriend that he was struggling with drug addiction. She saw the bitterness in his heart toward God, but didn’t know about the drugs. They cried together on the floor, then she looked at him and said, “Okay, what else?”

Klutinoty hadn’t told anybody that he dealt with lust. It wasn’t pornography. But lustful thoughts would creep into his mind. He didn’t want to tell her, because he thought it’d break her heart into a million pieces.

For the first time in his life, he came totally clean with another person and with God. He confessed his deepest and darkest sins. And his girlfriend’s response reflected Christ’s when she opened her arms, hugged him and said, “I still love you.”

“Ninety percent isn’t enough,” Klutinoty says with tears in his eyes. “We need to come to God with 100 percent and lay everything down at the cross.” They cried and prayed a lot that night. His girlfriend prayed for his healing. And he was delivered from it all—the drugs, the lust, even the disease.


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