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If faith could be measured with a guitar amplifier, Adam Klutinoty’s amp would go to “11.” The lead singer and guitarist for About A Mile has seen the mess his lack of faith has created in the past. Now his faith is cranked up an extra notch.

“I want to take Christ seriously and trust Him all the way,” Klutinoty says. “One hundred percent.” That’s easy to say, but hard to live out.

“I’m the best example I know of giving your heart 90 percent to God,” he admits. “I thought, ‘God has a plan for me, but I have some cool plans of my own in case He doesn’t come through.’” The aptly named Trust You All The Way (buy) isn’t just About A Mile’s latest album, it also describes the band’s attitude regarding their lives and ministry.

For most of his life, Klutinoty felt his plans and God’s plans lined up. Music was a constant at his family’s home outside of Pittsburgh. He picked up the guitar after seeing his dad and older brother Micah play. Soon he and his brothers Luke and Levi formed a band. “We were always jamming together,” Adam says. “Then we found a youth group that needed a worship band.”

At first, they played songs such as “Rain Down” or “Undignified.” Then they started writing their own songs and people really liked them. Adam was just 16 at the time. Levi, at 17, was the oldest, and Luke was a mere 14 years old.

Coming from a blue-collar Christian family, the brothers believed in hard work. Klutinoty remembers sitting in his room all day shredding guitar licks or playing scales. All of his practice made him an amazing performer. And that’s what he dreamed of—playing for thousands.


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