After losing faith that God could heal him, Klutinoty turned to drugs. A doctor had given him a medication that took away the symptoms of ulcerative colitis. But he then became addicted to other drugs. “It wasn’t an illegal prescription, but it was definitely something I didn’t need,” Klutinoty admits. “And I was abusing it every day.”

On the outside, Adam looked like a good Christian. He’d give his shoes to a homeless person he met on the street and talk about God to thousands during the 2015 Winter Jam tour. But inside his downward spiral continued.

Although About A Mile’s debut received rave reviews and was the best-selling Christian album by a new artist, it didn’t live up to the hope or the hype. “I thought the first album was supposed to work and make everything better,” Klutinoty says.

Adam and his brothers had moved to Nashville with nothing. They lived in their touring van. They all worked blue-collar jobs. After the tour and album sales, nothing had really changed. They had the same van, and Klutinoty still worked in a factory.

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“I got bitter toward God,” Kllutinoty says. “I wasn’t finding my satisfaction in Christ, so I looked for other vices to get me through the day. It was complete darkness in my mind.”


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