“I laid down everything at the cross and a disease that I was suffering from for four-and-a-half years is gone,” Klutinoty says. “It’s completely gone.”

Now instead of “helping” God to achieve his dreams, he’s committed to following God with the right heart. He’s seen God bring more joy into his life and more power to his songs.

“We’ve been playing ‘Trust You All The Way,’” says Klutinoty. “We’ve been playing ‘Traded.’ We’ve been playing ‘Hallelujah.’ And people have been coming to the altar, confessing their sins and accepting Christ into their lives. It was never like that before.”

Each song on the new album radiates with honesty and musicality. From the hard-driving “Taking Back” to the acoustic “All I Need” to the pop flavored “Born To Live,” the lyrics point directly to Christ and His power.

“The first album was good,” Klutinoty says. “But I was focused on singing the best vocal and making everything perfect. On this album, I just wanted to make sure God was speaking through me.”


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