Zach Williams ‘Survivor: Live from Harding Prison’ Album Review
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Zach Williams ‘Survivor: Live from Harding Prison’ Album Review

Zach Williams
Survivor: Live from Harding Prison

The correctional setting for Zach Williams new live release, Survivor: Live from Harding Prison, is an inspired yet understandable backdrop. The singer-songwriter has captivated millions with a straightforward series of gospel-centric singles aimed at bringing freedom and hope to those downtrodden or lost in sin’s struggles. Those are messages that resonate well in any environment, but on Survivor, the songs take on new meaning and depth.

Hearing “No Longer Slaves” or “The Table” played for such an audience reveals the personal places we’re all held captive while we also consider the rather short distance between each of us when all is said and done. While Williams’ live performance at Harding Prison was undoubtedly a gift for the 250 men in attendance, it remains just as meaningful for those of us who hear it outside those walls.

–Matt Conner



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