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Yeah, we get it. The long, shaggy beards. The loose, baggy clothes. The rap-style music videos complete with police chases, guns, prison scrubs, etc. Visually, for a lot of us, it can easily be dismissed one of two ways: “We’ve seen that before (and, we don’t want to see it anymore!)—next.” Or, “This doesn’t seem very ‘Christian’…click.”

To that, we say, “Job well done, Social Club Misfits!” For all of their perceived “street cred,” the duo comprising Social Club Misfits—Martin “Marty” Santiago and Fernando “Fern” Miranda—might be among a very small number of people in our “biz” who can actually claim real time spent on the actual street (vs. the figurative). And, in of itself, that’s not something to really brag about, however, for the creative evidence it has produced—married with their redemptive personal God stories—SCM certainly provides an undeniable one-two punch, and carries with them the ability to take their message into places other “Christian artists” aren’t always so welcomed.

God knows what He’s doing, and getting the opportunity to sit face-to-face with Fern and Marty, you quickly realize that they don’t take their jobs, or this opportunity, very lightly. They’re on a mission, and with their latest Capitol CMG release Into The Night (buy), they are furthering their calling to shine a light into the darkness, one step (and song) at a time. Watch our one-on-one interview with Social Club Misfits on this page by clicking the “play” button above. Oh, and if you’re not offended by real stories, guns, and cop cars in rap videos, check out their latest video “Number One (A Song For You)” embedded below:

CCM Magazine: So, let’s start at the beginning for some of our audience that may just be catching up to you guys. Tell us about the “Misfits” part of your name, and what does that mean?
Martin “Marty” Santiago: Yeah, so we call our fans Misfits. What a Misfit is to us is someone who is in this world, but not of it. Never be afraid of who God’s called you to be. A lot of times, who God’s called you to be is totally counter-cultural to what the world says you should be. So we are all about embracing our identity as Christians, as believers, as people who are in this world, but not of it.

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