CCM: What about your convictions in following Christ has led you to fronting a hip hop band?
Fernando “Fern” Miranda: Some people know that I did some prison time—I always wanted to rap, but I didn’t know what that was gonna look like when I came home. I always felt that there was a bigger calling, there was something. When I met Marty and we started making music together, everything started falling into place. Then we started doing Social Club and just started making these records, it just almost seemed so organic and so natural and authentic. We just always knew that it was something special. So we would just hope that people would relate to it and see that we’re just coming from a place of just [being] real. Hopefully people can see that. Actually, I’m hopeful they can see Jesus’ face on us when they hear the music. That would be the coolest thing.

CCM: We can hear it and see it your music, but beyond that, what are some practical applications to how you personally bring life and positivity into a dark situations? Or, can you recall an instance where you were able to do that?
Marty: What we believe when we go “into the night,” we are challenging those systems. We’re challenging where ever we go we’re carrying the light of Jesus Christ. We’re the ones who are changing the atmosphere when we walk in. We don’t have to adapt to this “broken system”—like what you’re seeing in Hollywood—and I think that also applies to anything. It applies to our country right now….so many areas of life.

God calls us to live our best life. We live our best life by living [into] what God’s called us to do. Every day when we take up our cross and we walk this path that God has for us, He directs it. When you begin to follow God it is tough, but then He begins to purify you and [gives us] the Holy Spirit daily to make you this person that could be a beacon of light to where ever you go. We perform in clubs. We perform in churches. We perform anywhere we can. A lot of the times the club we’re performing at might have had some crazy band before us, and people are getting drunk and their getting high…but we go in there and we carry this message.

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Marty of Social Club Misfits

We don’t believe that [we as Christians] are supposed to be on the defensive. We believe that we are to be offensive. When we walk in, we carry the atmosphere. We watch it. We don’t have to respond. We’re the ones who are setting the traction of what things should be.

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