CCM: You’re the change agents, right?
Marty: Yeah we are. We fully embrace that. We’re gonna get real with people. We’re gonna get honest and we’re gonna love on people. A lot of things that me and Fern do…we’ve never seen other [Christian] artists do before, because I think that God has started to create new ground. We’re starting to do more worship hip hop, which, before us wasn’t really happening, but we feel like we’re gonna start to set in motion different things for hip hop. Not only for hip hop, but for the culture of Christianity. We wanna change the face of it. The message is not changing, but we’re trying to reach these young kids that are far from God.

Fern: One thing about us…we’ve never been scared to do “God-things.” You know how some artists think, like, “This might not be good for my brand,” etc… We’ve never been scared to do a God-thing. This is the new way a generation worships now. You’re gonna see people like this [pointing to his long beard], but you’re gonna see our hands lifted up. You’re gonna see our eyes and our hearts to the sky the whole time we’re on stage. I’m literally just praying over the kids. I know that sounds crazy but it’s true, because it’s all about changing lives now. Paying it forward. We went through what we went through and if we could stop somebody from even going through just some of the stuff we went through, we’re doing good.

CCM: For better or worse you’re a Christian band on a Christian label. What disadvantages come with that? What are the advantages?
Marty: I don’t think there’s any disadvantages. We’ve never been told we can’t do something. Whether it was dropping and album, being number one on the charts, or whether it was performing at a certain arena, or club… I think that a lot of times the limits are mental. When we go [into situations as a band], we feel like we carry the favor of our Father—of God—and it’s funny, because we’ve had favor with cities. We’ve had favor with mayors. We’ve had favor with people at iTunes that don’t like to promote Christian music. They don’t want to, but [because of that favor] they [end up loving us]. They fall in love with us and [the music].

Social Club Misfits, CCM Magazine - image

Fern of Social Club Misfits

I don’t really feel like there’s any disadvantages. [The world] has great musicians, and they have great powers, so, if we’re gonna call ourselves Christian musicians, we feel like it’s important for us to be great. We’ve performed in arenas and different countries, and we just carry that blessing that it’s “all because of God,” because we’ve been faithful and not ashamed of it. I think that right now, especially in our hip hop culture, a lot of people are embarrassed. They’re embarrassed to be Christian. I’m like, “We share the greatest message and we’ve never been denied of anything!”

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