We serve the best God. We have the Savior, the Creator of the Heavens and earth Who has given us a gift, and it’s up for us to use it. I think that there’s a lot of wisdom that needs to be used whenever you go anywhere, and so, we’ve never been limited. We’re going on The Roadshow that’s [playing in] arenas where Beyonce and Jay-Z performed. We’re gonna talk about God. We carry the greatest message. Jesus was a personal person. Jesus touched the leper. He did things and broke the stereotypes. We’re trying to break these stereotypes in our every day life and I feel like as a Christian, we better come with our “A” game, because the truth is, the world does have great music.

Fern: One of the things I say all the time, “We always keep Christ in the center, from the beginning.” We know that God is the reason why we’re here with you. Why we dropped this album. Why we signed to Capitol [CMG]. Why we started making those songs in the beginning. The second that we think it’s me and him [pointing to Marty], everything’s gonna fail or fall to the ground. We know that. We live by that every day. So, as long as we keep Christ in the center, this is always gonna win.

CCM: The hook on the song “Lucky” on Into The Night, it’s kind of tongue-in-cheek, but that’s kind-of what you’re saying, is that it’s not luck…
Marty: Maybe we got lucky, and then we talk about how it was not maybe. We worked for this. I mean, I had to work four jobs. The area I first performed in was so bad. I also worked corporately, and then on the weekends would go and serve at the church. I would go and rap in front of people and crowds of just three little kids. You still have to go out there and do it. Is it luck, or maybe did we work? When God’s called you and given you a gift, you have to work it. Doors just don’t open. That’s the wisdom, to say [and know], “This is the best decision,” and, “This is where I go.” I think it’s essential for every believer to know that things don’t “just happen.” You have to make them happen, and the fact that you carry the favor of God, it actually makes every situation better.

CCM: You mentioned The Roadshow, so what are you guys looking forward to the most from this experience?
Fern: I gotta tell you, Air1 just added “War Cry.” So, that one is going to be pretty surreal to perform…
Marty: It’ll be in front of thousands…! There’s a song on the album called “Say Goodbye” which has that, like, “old school hip hop with a message.” I’m interested to see how people react [to it]. This is a different crowd than we’re used to. We’ve been just blessed to have this opportunity and we’re really excited. It’s gonna be fun.

Fern: Yeah, I look forward to it. I look forward to seeing the for KING & COUNTRY. Little spoiler alert…we got a little something with them… | MORE: WATCH the full on-camera interview with Social Club Misfits

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