CCM: Where does LOVECOLLIDE come from?
We’ve weren’t always LOVECOLLIDE. We went by our last name, The DeLearys, up until our last record release and that’s when changed to LOVECOLLIDE. That’s also when we changed to specifically Christian music rather than just positive music that we’d made before. We knew that with the direction change, we needed a new name that resonated with us message-wise.

We wrote hundreds of band names, as every band does, and slowly marked them off. We really liked the word “collide” but there are so many other bands named that. Our producer at the time said, “How about LOVECOLLIDE?” We said, “Okay let’s just do it.” We prayed for God to confirm it by telling us what it means. We say it’s a verb. It’s the act of humanity encountering God’s love, his great love collide initially through Jesus. We want everyone to encounter God’s love.

CCM: What are the emotions around the new release?
LB: I’d say we’re chill at this point because we’ve been sitting on the music for a while, as most artists do with new music. It’s just a process to get it out there. We’re excited because it has been a long time coming. It’s the first album we feel confident in style-wise. It’s more current and sounds like what we listen to, so we’re passionate to get it out there. Yet we’re also just chill because we’ve been sitting on this for a while.

BD: Yeah, the word I would use is “ready.” We’re ready for it to come out.


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