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Lauren Budnick and Brooke DeLeary are only asking their fans to follow their example. They’ve found the new life made possible when you truly lean into your faith, and they’re passionate about sharing the ensuing story. What makes their challenge even more compelling is the infectious pop music they use to share it all.

Known as LOVECOLLIDE, the sisters are, indeed, Tired Of Basic (buy), as their new album title implies. They’ve found the beauty of asking challenging questions about God and the world around them, and their new album is saturated in the results. We recently sat down with these young adults to hear about their musical background and how they want to deepen the faith of their fans and friends.

CCM Magazine: The new album is Tired Of Basic. What makes that the primary message you’re putting out there from the start?
Lauren Budnick: Brooke and I, whenever we perform, are very passionate people. Part of what we do is that we talk about what we’re passionate about, and give little messages from what’s happening in our lives or what God has been saying to us. We’ve been talking lately about being tired of basic. We ended up writing songs, then, about what we’d been talking about.

For example, the song “Extraordinary” came out of our own conversations about wanting to live an extraordinary life. Or on stage, we’d talked about being alive to Christ but not awake, so that’s how we wrote the song “Awake.” “Tired Of Basic” is actually a line from the song “Extraordinary.” “I Don’t Want It,” our single, came out of us wanting to do this music thing and yet crying out to God saying that we don’t want to be a part of this if He is not. We asked Him to reveal it to us if He didn’t want it, and that’s where that song came from.

So all of our songs really come out of our experiences, our conversations and what we’re passionate about.


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