CCM: Given that you’re both musically talented as sisters, are your parents musical as well?
Brooke DeLeary: Our parents weren’t musical, and we were raised on the Christian radio station. That’s pretty much it. Our household is more of a medical household. Lauren was the first one to become musical; since she was three when they figured out she could sing. I was also three when I was obsessed with drums. I’d get up at church and go behind the drummer and just watch him because I was so obsessed with that. So it randomly started with us. The older we got, we did random things like sang in choir or learned more instruments or got into musical theater. Our parents were always really supportive of the gifts God had given us.

CCM: At what point did you take it seriously, that you could make a career with your musical talents?
LB: We both just took it pretty seriously even at an early age. Music was my whole life. I’d started recorded little things here and there before Brooke and I started doing things together. Then we got into musical theater and I planned on moving to New York City to study it further. Then God turned my whole world upside down when Brooke and I auditioned for this girl group. We got into it but then it fell through. I’d already rejected the theater life at that point to go to Belmont University.

Since we’d already written these songs together for this girl’s band thing that fell through, we decided to keep at this musical thing. That was eight years ago. So it all just sort of happened and then we realized we were better together anyway, so we decided to keep going.

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photo: Jordan Short

BD: The answer that I always give when people ask when I knew I was supposed to make music is that I didn’t know. Those were just the doors that God opened up. I was only thirteen, so I literally had no idea what to do with my life. Lauren was fifteen and that’s when we started making music together. She started college at sixteen years-old, and I started traveling back and forth between our hometown of Hickory, North Carolina and Nashville. When God opens those doors and gives you a purpose, it’s very hard to ignore.


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