“O Come All Ye Faithful”…that song sounds so easy until its being recorded. The timing is super tight for breath support. If you miss one breath, then you don’t have enough to sustain. If you get that breath at the wrong interval, you mess the whole band up. You have to be really cautious with it, that was my “stretching” song. It was like, “You’re getting me—it’s getting me really good!” I think it expanded my understanding of music, which is what I want.

CCM: How interesting. Unique is probably not the best word, but considering all of this that’s coming about from recording a Christmas project…
Yes, I know! It’s comical. It really is. Unique is sweet, comical is better. It is unique. It is funny.

My team came to me and asked, “Do you want to do a Christmas record?” I said, “Absolutely not,” because of what we talked about earlier, you know, that mainstream cheese… I just didn’t want to do “Corny Christmas.” It’s done too much. I didn’t want to make a Christmas record that wasn’t authentic to me, just to get something out of it. [Laughing] We never considered doing, How Could It Be Christmas—there’s no chance I will even record that. Everything has a place. This Christmas record has a place. It’s all about the approach, who we’re trying to reach and where we’re headed.

CCM: Was this project a bigger leap than you anticipated going into it?
I think I don’t know how big of a leap it is. I think I’m the naïve one over here.

I just want to present art that’s real and that comes from an actual depth. Not to create for the sake of getting numbers and hopefully making things happen. I want to know that at the end of the day, I’ve sown into the next generation of artists and people that want to experience life through a creative lens—that I’ve made a mark for others that really value the excellence of art.

CCM: Regardless if only twelve people buy it vs. twelve million?
If twelve people buy it, it’s still a win for me. I needed to have that type of recording experience to get ready to get into LP number two.


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