CCM: Can you foresee taking this experience and applying it to future projects?
Totally. Absolutely. Like I said earlier, it expanded my knowledge of music. IN Nashville, recording can be like, “Well, you track drums here, you put bass there,” and we all just send it to each other on a file because everybody has a home studio.

Behold wasn’t that. This was like, let’s get into it. At times we were asking ourselves, “What is going on?” I want that to happen again, but also the sounds, the quirky elements, the horns, it was all live. We even had some [vinyl] record stuff in there—you can hear the cracks and pops in Behold. That was us literally dropping the needle on the record and recording that naturally. Everything was fresh and real, so I want to bring those organic elements into creating a pop sound that’s swampy and organic. That’s, I don’t know…

CCM: …you?
It’s interesting. “LP-2” has a big ol’ question mark on it. Paul and I are already in discussions about it, and everything and we’re coming up with sounds different. I just can’t wait to see what’s going to happen. I am super excited about it.

So are we, Lauren—Merry Christmas!

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