Todd Dulaney ‘To Africa With Love’ Review
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(eOne Nashville)

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Todd Dulaney ‘To Africa With Love’ Review

Todd Dulaney
To Africa With Love
(eOne Nashville)

Inspired and encouraged by a life-changing trip to Ghana, gospel artist Todd Dulaney returns with a musical letter of love and worship in To Africa With Love. Playing out like a greatest hits collection of Dulaney’s most powerful songs alongside a few new tracks, this live album is buoyed by an intensity of energy from Dulaney and underscored by an exuberant audience.

Dulaney’s compositions weave themselves together almost seamlessly, reminiscent of a great jazz record as the driving opener “Dance In The Rain” gives way to the earnest power of “Your Great Name.” Dulaney commands the stage with poise and praise through it all. A scorching electric guitar solo carves the way for the soulfully smooth “The Anthem” while “Victory Belongs To Jesus” is an extended session of powerful worship. Likewise, “Let It Flow” keeps things rolling with an anthemic choral backing before the stirring beats of “You’re Doing It All Again” sweep in to steal the show, accented by the vertically aimed “King Of Glory.”

Packed full to the rafters with bold energy and passionate praise, Todd Dulaney’s To Africa With Love is a message well written and received.

–Andrew Greenhalgh

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