Wild Harbors ‘Monument’
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Wild Harbors ‘Monument’

Wild Harbors

The full-length debut from Wild Harbors follows a pair of EPs that have built momentum for this promising duo. Chris and Jenna Badeker explore vital topics of the heart on Monument, including honest reflections on marriage that will particularly minister to new couples.

Andrew Osenga’s production stays in an indie pop lane but somehow manages to vary the sound from bright, almost whimsical melodies to tense, ticking percussion, to Ennio Morricone-esque twanging bass. There is similar emotional range, from the hopeful despair of “Abigail” and “The Ballad of Wallace and Jessie” to the confident gumption of “Tomorrow Morning” and the rousing title track.

This is a strong debut from a band bursting with promise.

–Mark Geil

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