How to Interview a Producer

As an artist, your art is all you have; so protecting it should be priority number one. The interview process, the contract you sign, and the producer you choose, are all key factors when it comes to protecting your art and learning how to interview producer's effectively...

Am I Ready to Hire a Publicist?

As an indie artist you must be strategic and wise in assembling the team that will work with you in music and in ministry. A publicist can and should be a vital part of your team, but you must first consider a few things. What do you have to promote and publicize?

The Agent’s Role In Your Career

At some point in your career, you may have wondered if you need an agent or not. In theory, it sounds like a great idea to have someone readily available to book you gigs at Bridgestone Arena, but the real question you should be asking yourself first is: "What does an agent really do?""
Lecrae, CCM Magazine - image

Filling the Gap

(AUG 2011) They've got the rock bands. They've got the adult contemporary. They've even got the gospel choir. But one thing the CCM world has been missing is true, authentic hip-hop. Well, until Lecrae.

Transparent Leadership

We so often live and worship as though we're pleading with God to come near with one hand and holding Him off with the other, what's our problem? Why is this Christian life so hard to live? Why do we sometimes feel like Paul, going crazy in the cycle of faith and fear or living holy or heathen?

Doug Anderson Goes Solo

Doug Anderson, long-time member of Ernie Haase and Signature Sound goes solo with an inspo, contemporary flair.

Worship Worthy

(JULY 2011) Its interesting we often see diamonds only after they've been cut polished set in a beautiful setting... In other words what we miss seeing is the process of refinement...