The Healing Mission of The Porter’s Gate

The Porter’s Gate is an ecumenical arts collective which features artists like Josh Garrels, Audrey Assad, Casey J, Leslie Jordan, Zach Bolen, Urban Doxology, Diana Gameros, Latifah Alattas, Lauren Goans, Paul Zach and others. At the forefront and creation of The Porter's Gate concept and mission, is Isaac Wardell, whose goal is to break down barriers amongst Christians and learn to be better neighbors to each other.

Integrity & The Porter’s Gate Releases ‘Neighbor Songs’

Integrity Music and The Porter's Gate, a sacred ecumenical arts collective, release their second project, Neighbor Songs, today (click here). Artists featured on Neighbor Songs include Josh Garrels, Audrey Assad, Casey J, Leslie Jordan (from All Sons & Daughters), Zach Bolen (of the band Citizens), Urban Doxology, Diana Gameros, Latifah Alattas, Lauren Goans, and Paul Zach, among others.

Josh White & Josh Garrels ‘Resurrect Our Love’ Album Review

Both Josh Garrels and Josh White decided to alter the “cover” process a bit for their new collaborative EP, Resurrect Our Love. The initial idea was a simple one: to trade covers of each other’s songs. Garrels chose White’s “Enclosed by You” and White covered Garrels’ “Don’t Wait For Me.” Another trade happened when the pair realized they’d been covering the other’s songs while leading worship at Portland’s Door of Hope church. With a bit of momentum, a collaborative project emerged.... Read more
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The Gray Havens – The Last Time

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the artists we appreciate are also fans as well. It made us curious about the tastes and habits of various artists, so we decided to launch a series, "The Last Time," to find out some answers.