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Hope – Always Here

“What else do you have if you don’t have hope?” * It’s scary to think what we would have if our true hope, Jesus, hadn’t entered the picture...
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Move away from the ledge

Fear. This…thing…it only has power if you let it, and it’s currently writing our social feeds, comments, and driving people to step out in en masse in front of traffic on highways. Let's all stop giving it any more airtime than it deserves...
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The real battle

There’s so much division in our world today—it’s truly the work of warring, high-ranking officers of evil at play with it trickling down, playing itself out on earth. I don’t want to contribute to it anymore.
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‘God can do anything’

The silver screen is built around, and even evokes dreams. The members of NewSong—masterminds behind our biggest touring show—have been dreaming wildly lately by creating "This Is Winter Jam"