I know…I know. Right now, it really does feel like we are surrounded by division on all sides, like it keeps closing in and suffocating us—it’s seemingly inescapable.

I don’t have the intellect to fully understand every nuance as to why we’re here. I’m actually kind-of glad that I lack the brains to claim that I really know what’s going on. I just need my savior…we all need the savior. And like so many memes, hashtags, and tweets that have surfaced recently—yes, thankfully our savior never did, doesn’t now, and never will take up residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (we do, of course, pray that He truly resides in the hearts of those who do live and work there), He is forever on the throne.

If I could use this short note to encourage anyone, it would be to say, “Don’t let fear win.” Fear. It’s as deceptive, misrepresented, and as much of a tool of the enemy as the mainstream media and they’re painting of what ever image they want you to believe of a subject, or candidate, that they happen to be “covering.”

Lauren Daigle, CCM Magazine - image

The Nov. 15, 2016 edition of CCM Magazine


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